Ortal Indoor/Outdoor Fireplace 

Ortal Indoor/Outdoor:

Our Indoor/Outdoor modern fireplaces let you rediscover design without limitations.

With this architectural masterpiece, Ortal has built a fireplace that spans the divide between the interior and the exterior, between the comfort of home and the expansiveness of the outdoors.

Unite space and define space with our majestic indoor/outdoor glass fireplace model, which combines the luxury of an indoor fireplace with the magnificence of a modern outdoor fireplace.

Featuring an exquisite see-through design, Ortal’s Indoor/Outdoor fireplaces double as a window.

Watch the flame dance as you gaze through the wall, to the world beyond. And with our unique Cool Wall Technology, and you can even hang artwork or electronics on the inside wall. 


  • Available in sizes between 600mm and 2500mm, the Indoor/Outdoor fireplace redefines versatility.

  • Perfectly Sealed Window with Cool Wall features

  • Indoor/Outdoor fireplaces can be used as a window to the outside, featured as a two in one fireplace, creating great atmosphere fitting perfectly to the outside wall.


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